Infibra is a paper converting company located in Southern Sweden with a mission to supply high performance hygiene and wiping products to our discerning customers.

Over 40 years of co-operation with various Swedish paper mills have put Infibra in pole position to supply our customers in the health care, HoReCa and Industrial fields with state of the art high efficiency products. 


Absoft® is Infibras trademark for our Airliad line of products. 

Conventional papermaking processes use water, whereas airlaid paper does not use water as the carrying medium for the fiber. Fibers are carried and formed to the structure of paper by air, and the fibers are bonded with EVA resulting in a paper with unmatched qualities.

Absoft®Pro is an improved Airlaid material that has been laminated with viscose fibres which increases the strenght additionally. It has all the qualities of traditional Airlaid, but can handle the most extreme wiping requirements.

Multiwipe™ is focused on applications where flushability and compostability are an advantage. The special production process of hydroentangled fibres results in a material with good wet strenght for normal wiping applications but when the material has been saturated with a fluid it will decompose within the stipulated time frame required to certify it as flushable.


Viscosoft® is our product line of disposable single-use massage bench covers manufactured from Viscose fibers. Viscose is derived from cellulose fibers that are processed so that the short cellulose fibers combine to form long fibers with a strenght and softness not achievable with cellulose only.

This means there are no petroleum based fibers in our material and is produced from a renewable resource.